I Have Been Interviewed at "Being A Blogger [dot] Com"

I had come across Nishu on Authority Blogger Forums, who approached me for an interview, yesterday. The interview was about my blogs and blogging. How I got into it and what have been my experiences, so far, etc . I had a good time answering those questions that Nishu fired at me. It actually made me think and realize what I was actually doing except just thinking and writing.

Also, Entering into 2008, I did not talk about my goals for my blogs that I wanted to achieve this year, like many bloggers around me did. In fact, I wanted to! But whenever I got to get online, I always had something else on my mind that I felt like talking about, before I had to get up and study for my exams. Well, I have uncovered it in a most generalized form to one of the questions that Nishu put to me.

In the end, I have a message for the readers of BaB and everyone who’s reading this post. Go read the interview and check it out what is the message I want to convey to you. To sum up, it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. After that, David Airey’s response to the whole talk was a warm gesture. And I was glad to know my ideas could make a blogger’s day, like it did for A u d e e. Then I had some kind words of appreciation from Pulkit who finds my blog “neat enough!” Pulkit is looking for some fresh content apart from BLOGGING that he feels is found on an overkill number of blogs. I promise you’ll have a good diet here in the time to come, as soon as I am properly settled.

Read the whole Interview here