Instant Search:The Coolest Feature to be added to StumbleUpon,ever!

StumbleUpon is now known as one of the best things to have happened to internet, and to the blogs more specifically. Basically, SU is a web site ranking and discovery tool. From the wikipedia,

StumbleUpon is a web browser plugin that allows its users to discover and rate web-pages, photos, videos, and news articles. These web pages are typically presented when the user who is known as a stumbler within the StumbleUpon community clicks the “Stumble!” button on the browser’s tool bar. StumbleUpon chooses which new web page to display based on the user’s ratings of previous pages,ratings by his/her friends, and by the ratings of users with similar interests. i.e. it is a recommendation system which uses peer and social networking principles. There is also one-click blogging built in as well. Users can rate, or choose not to rate, any web page with a thumbs up or thumbs down, and clicking the Stumble button resembles “channel-surfing” the web.

Stumble Upon is a surf tool rather than a search tool. But for any user, its much more than that. It is a vast resource of informative web-pages. You can “stumble upon” tutorials, jokes, pictures and various kinds of videos which can be, at some time, very useful and at other time, funny and amusing. Personally, StumbleUpon gives me my daily dose of blogging tips, blogging tools and other similar resources.

What could be the best feature to be added to StumbleUpon, ever?

All that said, I still feel that some thing is missing here. StumbleUpon lacks a feature that if integrated with it can make it the unbeatably best tool to be developed for the internet, to enhance its functionality? Can you think of it?

Well, I think I just found an answer to my own question. The Instant Search feature!
You know,what? I rate and review every useful blog/blog entry that I come across and my SU profile is now almost a big resourceful index of some really useful blogging articles from around the internet! But whenever I feel the need to go through any of them, I realize that digging through hundreds of articles is such a pain! And most of the times, it happens that I have to Google for the post I am looking for even though it is in my list of stumbled websites at SU.

It’d simply be great if StumbleUpon provided some means to let its users find and navigate through their rated/reviewed pages easily. That’d save anyone a lot of trouble. What do you think? I have already written to StumbleUpon making this suggestion. It can be that its already in their to-do list. I just hope to see it coming up very soon.