First Ever Chandigarh Bloggers Meet-Up, July 2008

What an amazing experience it was to be at the first ever Chandigarh Bloggers Meet-Up recently held at a Sector 35 hotel on 6th July. Many thanks to Gaurav for coming up with this concept and to Shanker Bakshi (self-proclaimed Dot Com Guru) for not letting the idea die and making it a success.

The event was attended by 12 people who made their presence felt in a strong way and are now helping Chandigarh Bloggers Alliance into a wider network that covers Chandigarh region and neighboring (North Indian) states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. The attendees have been listed alongside with the links to their blogs…

Rajiv doesn’t have a blog of his own but was a significant part of this conference, as he  helped Shankar in deciding the venue. got the event ID cards ready and presented his respectable true self by showing his genuine concern for the society and socal issues that we are facing in India. Chandigarh Bloggers Alliance has pledged to create awareness about the prevalent social problems by writing about them on all the member blogs collectively, a few times a month- Inspired from his personal experiences and the passion he infused in us to make India a better place to live in.

Attendance List
Abhinav Sood Inspirit Blog
Shanker Bakshi Shanker Bakshi
Mohit Aneja Mohit Aneja
Gaurav Sharma Gaufire
Jasdeep Jasdeep
Preeti Entertainment and Humor
Sukhbir Internet Marketing and SEO
Reet Aneja Reet Aneja
Sameer Relan Vantage Webtech
Abhishek Vaid Vantage Webtech
Saurabh Saurabh

First Chandigarh Bloggers Meet-Up July 2008

As it was the first ever meeting of its kind and we were a bunch of young hearts gathered there, we decided to keep it an informal affair. It all started with Shankar‘s unique idea of introducing each other by each person sitting in the lead chair assuming himself to be the boss and talking about his personal / professional life  and blogging journey.

Jasdeep introduced himself as an engineering graduate who has a fond passion for Punjabi literature and poetry. He is a talented programmer with in-depth knowledge in Object Oriented Programming using C++. If you have any kind of programming job (Python, Java, etc.) , feel free to contact him. He’d be useful.

Preeti and Sukhbir both SEO experts who worked together in the same software development and internet marketing company based in Chandigarh talked about how they came from an entirely different line and got into blogging, internet marketing and SEO stuff.

Mohit Aneja, a blogger, web designer and developer by passion was an enthusiastic speaker at the meet. His talks showed what a genius he was. Mohit has registered the domain for the Chandigarh Bloggers Alliance community website. Mohit, unmatched in terms of generosity, was accompanied by his wife Reet Aneja for whom the bloggers meet up was a different experience altogether. You’d love to read how Chandigarh Bloggers Meet-Up inspired her to kickstart her blog that uses a theme that Mohit specially designed for her.

Shanker Bakshi is the one single person who got all of us together by saving Gaurav’s idea of aggregation just at the moment when it was about to die out of unproductivity. Shanker converted it well and today we stand as a strong undivided community that strives to work for the better of new and exisiting bloggers alike. Shanker Bakshi blogs in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche and has been generating handsome revenue from his blog while at the same time helping his readers to do the same.

Sameer Relan and Abhishek Vaid are partners in Vantage Webtech that they have recently formed. Sameer’s parents run the Stepping Stones School in Sector 37, Chandigarh. Sameer and Abhishek have taken up a great initiative by starting training workshops on blogging for the students of this school as a part of their IT curriculum. These guys plan to spread this cult far and wide by doing more workshops on blogging in prominent colleges and schools. The duo also provides SEO and SEM services to their clients besides various other modules.

Gaurav, the initiator of the Bloggers Meet Up is a (chemical engineering) student of NIT Warrangal ( *Wow* ) and blogs about hacking, cracking, reviews hardware and offers products for downloads. I am not sure whether he should offer serial keys to proprietary products like that- but anyways, his blog is resourceful with those tips and tricks on Windows.

Saurabh introduced himself as a fickle minded person, who has created (and then deleted) over a hundred blogs- I believe him and about his nature, after a chat session or two with him.

All in all, we were such a technical curry there and we discussed various things related to blogging- awareness about blogs, bloggers and blogging; ways to market our blogs effectively; how we could generate extra income from blogging and finally, How could we use our blogs for bettering up the society we live in.

Ravi P. Tiwari from Hindustan Times’ – Hindi Daily, covered the event. He had recently registered a blog for himself as well, and plans to put in some activity once he gets time from his job. Shanker has invited him to the next meet-up as well, where he should be present as a reporter and a blogger as well 🙂

Chandigarh Bloggers Meet as covered by Hindustaan

I am the first from the right in here. You can view more photos of the event in Shanker Bakshi’s Flickr Photo-Set

If you’re in North India, and you’re a blogger – you’ll have to be there for the next CBA Meet-up! No excuses will be entertained 😀 See you.