Inspirit is one of the TOP-PUBLISHED blogs of 2008 at Blog Engage

I knew that I was doing good at BE, but had no idea that I was one of the most published member until I saw Brian’s compilation of 5 most published blogs at the recently launched Blog-Engage-Blog. Guess what? I got my laptop repaired just yesterday after it crashed during one of the practice sessions before the college fest on 26th of March and this was the very first thing I saw when I got online 😀 . I was just so happy!

I don’t believe I am posting to my blog after about 2 weeks! This is the longest that I have stayed away from Inspirit, and trust me… I didn’t really like it. The practice sessions for the college fest kept me so busy that I was literally drained out of energy by the time I got home. Sometimes unable to open my eyes for having dinner, even! And then when I was almost out of it, the laptop crashed 🙁 Anyway, I got it repaired from the service center, yesterday and now its restored to working conditions. I am too happy about this, too! 😀

WordPress 2.5 was out 3 days ago. I updated my wordpress installation today. And I am mighty glad that I did. All the plugins are working fine without any issues and best of all, I can delete the Akismet spam without facing any errors that I saw in the previous 2.3.3 install. I don’t even see any more “fatal errors” when I respond to comments on my blog. The dashboard colors could have been a lot better, but never mind! I am happy with it. 🙂

More news for today, Kate at Blogging for the Money wrote an interesting post about 5+1 effective ways to build incoming links to your blog. Want to improve your search engine and other important ranks? Consider giving a minute or two to this informative post. I am happy that people like the stuff I write here on Inspirit and find it helpful and worth sharing with their readers. 🙂