One Million Memories: Donate $1 for Alzheimer’s Research And Education

Debbie from Bird On A Wire is walking the web for Alzheimer’s Association-National and welcomes any support from your side, to promote the good cause she’s working for.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive and terminal disease that leads to permanent memory loss. Currently, there is no cure for this disease which is afflicting more than 24 million people worldwide!

Debbie lost both her parents to this disease. And she has resolved to raise a million dollars in charity money that will go for Alzheimer’s research and education. Would it be too heavy on your pocket, if you donate $1 for a noble cause? I have done my little bit by spreading the word around & by donating a small amount that will be utilized for research on Alzheimer’s Disease and finding a cure to it

You can add your own memory to the One Million Memories Blog and place a link back to your site! You can even join us in our walk and raise even more awareness about this project.

I have played my part.Now it’s your turn! Please join the fight against this disease that affects one American every 72 seconds. You can visit the homepage of One Million Memories movement for making a donation. You can donate via Paypal, or by your Credit Cards. All the transactions are secure and sent directly to Alzheimer’s Association-National.

Please take a moment to visit Debbie’s online fund-raising page and make a donation. A post spreading awareness about this project will be so much appreciated.