Use wide content containers on your blog to increase "readability"

Having wide content containers on your blogs are an advantage when you write long posts and you may not have the option for “paginating a post.” This was a main issue when I was on “blogger” but this is a cool feature of wordpress package that I love. But this feature is cool, only as long as you use it wisely.

You can’t paginate a post of yours after a paragraph or two such that it doesn’t make much of an intro or just leaves the two-closing-lines after the “rest of this entry” point. This can be the case with some of you’re a little over average length posts. Paginating them sometimes may not be fully justified and at the same time they might seem too-long-to-read to your readers.

In this case, you may consider modifying your theme to be as wide as it can go without getting expensive on site’s look and the ability to be read, as the best option. The little over the average length posts may now look just the right length as more text is accommodated in a single line and the height is, hence, reduced. Continue reading “Use wide content containers on your blog to increase "readability"”