Kick-Starting Inspirit Blog

I bought this domain as back as the starting of the month of November but finally its today that I am officially kick-starting Inspirit Blog. All this time I had been trying to understand the basics of using WordPress; it has been fairly easy though as I had a little experience of owning a blog on itself, and then again guest authoring at Richard T. Cunningham’s Untwisted Vortex but still it don’t satisfy me till I have messed up with every single option in the dashboard and every piece of code in the installation

Basically that is what, that had till now upheld the official launch of this Inspirit Blog. I had messed up with the codes, such that the sidebars showed below the post if you opened a single one. And then there were changes to be made to the template I chose, to give it an entirely mine touch; This included editing the images (basic, huh!) and changing their sizes from default to what appealed to me (and that I think will appeal to you too!) without disturbing the layout of the pages. I had almost screwed sometimes but luckily, everything is very fine as of now.

Another point I was considering was, whether to import techXtreme’s posts and comments to this blog and redirecting that blog hosted on Google’s Blogger platform to this one. Last whole week was spent in getting over the gazillions of error messages that I faced during the process, and was still unsuccessful; The error being on a Windows server(IIS server.) I wasn’t enjoying all the pleasures that a wordpress can give, when installed on a LAMP package (Linux-Apache-mySQL-PHP.) The import job was successfully established only after importing to a local clone installation on my laptop supported on XAMPP and then generating SQL queries to be run on my online server. They needed heavy modifications as in skipping CREATE TABLE queries as they were already there and replacing each and every reference to the localhost (my laptop) with this domain and setup! It certainly wasn’t very easy as I am a black-buffalo, in quest of learning at every moment though. And when all was done, there I went flushing every single post and comment I imported after taking so many pains, in a few seconds at the thought that I want to independently run and manage two blogs!

Heartiest THANKS go to the Feedest Guy : Leo for helping me through all these and many more (awfully boring) problems, and providing me hosting facility with him. Yes, there were many more problems! You’d probably run away only to never come back if I talked about all of them here. And those who are already leaving, “Don’t Dare You! Stay Tuned, I Won’t Scare You (anymore!)”

So here it comes! Inspirit Blog!
Breathe the freshness and bathe “in Spirit.”

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