How to Convert 100% of your Entrecard Visitors into Quality Traffic

What is Entrecard:

Entrecard system is an easy-networking and free advertising network, that has recently emerged as a popular way of bringing traffic to your website and when used wisely, can bring targeted traffic to your website or blog. Entrecard is a 125 x 125 graphic image that represents your blog. You can think of this graphic image as your Internet Business Card, that you can use for free or paid advertising campaigns.

How does Entrecard work:

When you sign up for the service, you can generate a widget that allows you to create a 125 x 125 advertising space in your sidebar, where others can drop their Entrecard. Similarly, you can drop your own Entrecard in the widgets of other members of Entrecard network. This way you can exchange Entrecards across the Blogosphere.

The Use:

Exchanging an Entrecard with someone means a form of networking between you and that person, who has to be a blogger, just like you are. Dropping as well as receiving an Entrecard increases your entrecard credits by one each. You can check your Entrecard credits by logging into your dashboard at Entrecard[dot]Com. These credits can later be used to launch advertising campaigns which enable you to display your Entrecard in someone else’s widget which will link through to your blog. The credit costs are on a per day basis rather than monthly basis as with regular advertising.

The Catch:

As dropping cards increases your credits, so everyone in the system likes to drop cards at anyone with a Entrecard widget installed on his blog. This has, however,turned in to a Hit-&-Run scenario with most of the Entrecard users, who do nothing more than chain-surfing by dropping an Entrecard at your widget and then move to the one displayed in your widget. This makes their visit to your blog not more than 5 or 6 seconds long. Many bloggers around have shown a dislike for such kind of good-for-nothing traffic, which generally forms 65%-95% of the total Entrecard traffic; and either have not signed up for the system or given it up. They will agree that Entrecard has given them a good enough traffic boost, but dislike the fact that most of it is not the quality traffic they are looking for.

How to Convert 100% of your Entrecard Visitors into Quality Traffic:

Converting all of your Entrecard traffic into good quality and targeted traffic is no trick! Just read further, give the whole point, a thought and say, “Oh! This is common sense.”

It is wrong and foolish to see only the negative aspect of Entrecard traffic and giving up on the service. It would be so ethical not to indulge into any such hit-and-run activity yourself, to keep the spirit of healthy and true networking alive! But you don’t need to cry over the fact that others don’t practice the ethics. The good crowd is already doing their job by actively participating at your blog, if it interests them but the most of this traffic that we know to be of chain-surfers who move from blog to blog, dropping cards to increase their credits, at the same time increase your credits as well!

  • Don’t overlook this part. Instead of taking measures to curb this activity or not using Entrecard because you can’t go down on principles, promote this culture on your blog! This can greatly help you in following two ways: This will give you enough credits to launch an advertising campaign at a internet-biggie blog that can then give you still more targeted quality traffic, than you were already getting from your Entrecard.
  • Whether, the “bad guys” stay at your blog for 5 seconds or 10! You can have peaks of amazing heights in your traffic chart, that you can use to brag about in the neighborhood, at least, even if it isn’t doing any other good.

So, If you liked this post, like my content and my blog! you are most welcome to drop your Entrecard at my blog… And if you arrived here just chain-surfing… You are more welcome my friends! I am urgently in need of a large number of Entrecard Credits to promote my blog at still better places.