Amazing Stats for Blog Engage- Engage with Bloggers!

As one of the administrators of Blog Engage– a social network, based on the open source Pligg CMS (Content Management System) I feel a sense of pride when I run my eyes over the amazing statistics that Blog Engage has achieved in just a little over 2 months of its launch on 23rd November, 2007. At the end of January 2008, the statistics for Blog Engage network are as follows:

3 month summary stats


3 month Visitors graph


Monthly Page Views Graph

The growth rate is amazing, and all the credits go to the community effort by the management of Blog Engage (Moderators and Administrators) and more importantly, the registered users who help each other get exposure and recognition.

You can submit your blog and blog-posts to Blog Engage for the members to review your submissions and engage or bury it accordingly, in a fashion similar to Digg.

In fact, Pligg platform has been infamous for giving rise to innumerable digg-like off-shoots on the Social Networking scene and cluttering the internet, but the statistics for Blog Engage show how well something based on Pligg can perform if it dedicatedly does what it should be doing- Social Networking. These stats should be a reason enough for anyone to join Blog Engage and start promoting their blogs and blog entries by submitting them to Blog Engage network.

Have you engaged your blog yet? Have you engaged yourself with bloggers who are just like you? If the answer is NO… then you are missing a life, folks!

Blog Engage with Bloggers